A Range of Organic Skin Care for Children Sapotille® by noir ô naturel

A Range of Organic Skin Care for Children Sapotille® by noir ô naturel


A RANGE OF ORGANIC CARE FOR CHILDREN "SAPOTILLE"® (dry or atopic skin, kinky, frizzy or curly hair).

Sapotille®: The Noire ô Naturel range of organic products for black or dark children, and for all children with dry or atopic skin, from 36 months upwards.

Our range of gentle body care cosmetics made with natural ingredients straight from the Afro-Caribbean pharmacopeia, which we combine with the gentlest and most active ingredients, suitable for the sensitive skins of black and dark skinned children with naturally dry, eczema prone skin.

 Our range of skin care products for children does not contain any essential oils, synthetic fragrances, alcohol or mineral oils. The range is formulated with floral waters, natural and organic vegetal butters and oils.

The first initial product of this range was the “Tender Croco®” soap, based on a cold cream formula, perfect for overcoming “crocodile” skin!

Inspired by the proven and remarkable cold cream formula, this soap is made of cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, honey, orange blossom, camomile and calendula.

The ultimate in gentle skincare, so that your child’s bath is a moment of extra gentle, indulgent care.

Sapotille is a fruit from the French West Indies*, sweet and fleshy.

 Sapotille®, Tendre Croco®, (Tender Croco) Papouilles Gourmandes®, (Delicious Cuddles) and Frizouilles et Compagnie®) (Frizzy and Co) are registered trademarks of NOIRE Ô NATUREL COSMETIQUES.

Reproduction and unauthorized use is considered an infringement of intellectual property rights.


* Birthplace of the founder of Noire ô Naturel.




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